Internet Speedtest

Internet Speedtest

Test your internet speed to make sure you get what you pay for from your ISP.

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Virus Scan

DNS Lookup Tool

Look up the Who Is information for any DNS by IP or Domain Name.

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Virus Scan

PC Virus Alerts

PC running a little slow? Run a virus scan to clean your PC.

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Virus Scan

Spyware Removal

Keep your computer protected with spyware removal software.

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IP Address Lookup

IP Address Lookup

Where in the world is that IP address. Get location information for an IP Address.

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Email Validation

Check the validity of an email address before sending out an email.

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The InternetFrog offers free computer tools and computer resources allowing users to increase their computer performance and increase their internet speed. Over the years we have steadily added more free tools and resources. In addition to our Internet Speed Test tool which is our most popular feature, we also offer free computer tools which allow users to perform WHOIS Searches, IP Searches, Trace Routes, VOIP Tests, and more. We also offer advice and information on computer tools which allow you to increase the speed and effectiveness of your computer and your internet connection.

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